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(D.B.A. Of Apex Control Systems, Inc.) is located in the city of Clarksville, Arkansas just off of Interstate 40. Clarksville rests at the foothills of the Ozarks in the Arkansas River Valley. Our facilty is located on the west side of Clarksville at the junction of hwy 64 (Main St.) and Cherry St.

Apex Automation, Inc. provides engineering and manufacturing solutions for a wide variety of Industrial applications. From concept to startup, Apex provides innovative solutions for your manufacturing requirements.

At Apex Automation, Inc., we have found success in the competitive world of integrated material handling systems by building a solid working relationship with each of our customers. It is this dedication to our customers' satisfaction that has helped Apex to establish a solid reputation for excellent design, technology and workmanship in every aspect of every job.

Since 1998, we have developed material handling systems that have helped revolutionize the way munitions are assembled; bricks are handled, fiberglass pipe is machined, and carbon electrodes are moved. In order to maintain the high standards that we have helped to create, we strive to provide the very finest material handling and automation systems in the country.

Alvin Mason

Alvin Mason Vice President

General Manager > Project Coordinator > Sales

Josef Anderson

Josef Anderson Vice President

Engineering Manager > Senior Mechanical Designer

Ariel Gilbreth

Ariel Gilbreth Office Manager

Office Management > Payroll > Accounts Recievable > Accounts Payable > Logistics

Rachel Dongallo

Rachel Dongallo Purchasing Agent


Robert Warren

Robert Warren President

Senior Programmer

Kirk Anderson


Friend, Partner And Master-Of-The-Mechanical-Stuff

We Will Never Forget You.....