Defense Industry Projects

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Due To The Sensitivity Of Some Projects, We Can Not Show Them In The Public Domain...

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Robotic Assembly Station

Component Build Work Cell


  • Multi-Robot Configuration
  • Servo Controlled Rotary Part Indexing
  • Dual Vision System For Finding Insertion Centers
  • Incorrect Assembly Testing With Vision Systems
  • Custom End-Of-Arm Tooling
  • Compression/Tension Monitoring At Tooling
  • Sub-component Part Feeders With Orientation
  • Graphic Touchscreen Operator Interface
  • Integrated Safety Cell Using Laser Scanners
  • Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLC As Supervisor To Robot Controllers

Assembly Station

Ordinance Assembly Station aligns and joins a guidance package to a an explosive payload.


  • Part Placement
  • Rotary Orientation
  • Vertical Alignment
  • Fail-Safe Gripper Design
  • Integrated Safety System
  • Graphic Touchscreen Operator Interface

Custom Machining Center

Performs indexed machining of inner and outer part surfaces.


  • Custom Engineering And Fabricated Multi-Spindle Transmission
  • Servo Controlled Rotary Indexing
  • Servo Controlled X/Y Axis Of Spindles
  • Servo Controlled Spindle Speeds
  • Integrated Coolant System
  • Integrated Safety Workcell


Table-top Continuity Tester


  • Dual Meters
  • Go/No-Go Indicator Lights
  • Multi-Function Testing
  • Portable


Low-profile Transfer Assembly


  • All-Electric Motion
  • Indexed Positions
  • Bearing Rail For Smooth Motion
  • Handles Cantilever Loads

For More Project Types And Details, Please Contact us.