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Custom Lift Assembly

High Capacity Lifting Jack System


  • Heavy-Duty Acme Screw
  • Level Sychronized With Position Feedback
  • A.C. Vector Drives In Load Lift Mode
  • Integral Brake System
  • Plug-in Connectors For Rapid Setup / Teardown

Test Equipment

Compression Tester For Brake Pad Material


  • Programmable Hydraulic Ram Pressure
  • Compressed / Relieved Position Recording
  • Data Logging
  • Electrically Locking Safety Access
  • Self-Contained For Portability


Programmable Epoxy Dispenser


  • Programmable Volumetric Dispensing
  • Integrated Weigh Scale
  • Proportional Hydraulic Ram
  • Quick-change Container
  • Self-Contained For Portability

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