Robotic Systems Integration

Apex Automation provides custom solutions from simple Pick-And-Place to advanced Work Cells. Whether you need typical part placement or advanced component build cells, we can provide you a turn-key solution.

NOTE: Due to disclosure agreements with a majority of our customers, we cannot depict some images in the public domain. If you would like additional information about particular industries and/or solutions, please contact us directly.

FANUC America offers the most complete range of industry-leading products and services for robotics, CNC systems, and factory automation solutions.

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Providing complete Work Cells including all required guarding. Personnel safety can consist of physical guarding/fencing as well as electronic measures. We have integrated simple light curtains to laser scanners. Part feeding solutions, grinding, honing, force, etc. are all features that can be configured for your application.

Apex Automation can provide custom or pre-configured quick change tooling. Custom fail-safe designs are also available. We put a great deal of effort in our designs to insure parts are handled both accurately and SAFELY.

We have experience with both FANUC integrated Vision Systems as well as secondary inspection via third-party systems. FANUC has a very mature vision system that allows us to perform part location, placement, verification and fail testing. Each application is unique and we understand both the advantages and disadvantages of using vision. Lighting can make or break a solution, therefore we spend time with our customers to verify that both parts and working envelope are acceptable for providing a solid solution.

Some applications require a level of precision that is beyond the capabilities of the robot. In these instances, we can provide precision measurement devices that can virtually guide the robot to the desired position. Although a higher level of precision will inherently decrease the cycle time of the process, we design the programs to decrease seek speeds based on a particular search pattern. This speed/seek iteration will give the fastest cycle time with the highest level of precision.

Apex Automation provides solutions from the most basic Touch Pendant programming to more advanced PLC supervisory systems. Supervisory PLC architecture allows us to bring all of the complex pieces of a solution together. Using a PLC to dictate which programs are called/executed by the robot can make troubleshooting large TP programs much easier. Coupled with our HMI programs, this can make the process of tracking, maintainence and troubleshooting much easier to maintain on a day-to-day basis.

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